Socialization is beneficial at any age, especially for older adults. Those in their golden years who continue to stay active and socialize are more likely to enjoy life and stay healthy. Many independent seniors do not socialize as often as they should for various reasons ranging from poor mobility to persistent anxiety. Fortunately, current technology provides new ways for elders to remain socially active, making isolation a thing of the past.

Because technology is advancing, it might be difficult for some older folks to keep up. However, according to a new Pew Research Center research, more and more seniors are catching up, particularly when it comes to internet use. Internet usage has consistently increased since 2000, when just 14% of seniors used the internet. As of 2021, 67% of U.S. residents aged 65 and above are reported to be engaged in the internet.

Advantages of Modern Technology for Older Adults

Technology acceptance is crucial for many reasons, perhaps most importantly because it is everywhere.  Various technological resources and gadgets follow us everywhere we go these days. We cannot escape it: smartphones, ATMs, automobiles, and restaurants all have them. 

Things we formerly had to leave our homes for, such as banking, going to the workplace, or even trip reservations, can now be done from the convenience of our sofas. Plus, that is not even the beginning. Take a look at these five reasons why older adults should take advantage of modern technological advances:

1) Enhancing Safety With Added Measures

Security concerns are shared among the elderly and those who care for them as they age. There are a variety of technological solutions available today that may help seniors remain secure and independent while living at home. If an older adult has an emergency, such as a fall, they may contact help using a medical alert device, a necklace, a bracelet, or other wearable objects. 

Family members may keep tabs on their loved ones using GPS tracking, health monitoring, and other alert systems that can be integrated with many of these gadgets. In addition, devices like smartphones and tablets have a wide range of practical applications, like medication reminder apps. 

2) Easily Keeping in Touch With Friends and Family

Technology has dramatically altered how we interact with one another. Though some of this may be problematic — think of people who go about with their faces buried in their phones — it also has the opportunity to be helpful. Thanks to advancements in communication, people who are separated from their loved ones by great distances may keep in frequent contact with them.

Social networking services like Facebook and Instagram enable us to keep up with what the people we care about are up to, as well as send a quick message or share news. People may have a face-to-face discussion even though they are hundreds of miles distant, thanks to video conferencing services like Skype and Facetime. Not to mention the usefulness of texting while connecting with grandkids. When approached with an open mind, the social component of technology may be a tremendous advantage for seniors, especially those with mobility limitations or who often do not get out of their homes.

3) Making Lives Better and Easier

It is simpler than ever to do commonplace activities and errands nowadays. For older adults who have difficulty getting about, the fact that these activities can be completed without leaving home is a huge plus. With online grocery shopping, for instance, seniors may choose their delivery schedules, make payments, and have their purchases brought to their cars or even their front doors. 

Discovering new information is another fantastic way in which technology may save time. Buying clothing (or other expensive purchases like automobiles or vacations) used to entail going out, interacting with sales clerks, battling crowds, and spending considerable time window shopping. All of that knowledge is now easily accessible. We may learn about items, read customer reviews, and discover which retailer offers the lowest price, among other things. It is not only handy, but it also helps us choose the best option.

4) Enhancing Better Health and Well-Being

Technology may significantly enhance the life of the elderly by facilitating physical activities. Wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit encourage users to move about by recording their activity and vitals. Seniors may get the advantages of exercise without ever leaving their homes, thanks to the abundance of internet resources such as fitness apps, video series, and online tutorials. 

The internet also provides a wealth of information for the elderly on their health, including treatment options, first aid for common injuries, and updates on the newest medical breakthroughs. Several applications and software let elders get immediate help from a nurse or other trained medical professional.

5) Providing a Source of Entertainment

We are not just talking about TV and movies (though you can watch almost anything and anything you want due to services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and other paid streaming sites). Several free websites and applications provide games, puzzles, books, music, and more. Instead of traveling to the library to get books, seniors may use the library’s app to get free books on a tablet or e-reader. 

With interactive, online-based games like chess, mahjong, and other online board games, a game night may take place anywhere. The elderly may benefit from this in more ways than one: they will have fun, and they will maintain a more active and engaged mind.

The Takeaway

To sum up, technology is not simply something the elderly must adapt to; it is also a source of improvement that may enrich their daily lives in many ways. We can improve our happiness, health, and quality of life by utilizing technology to design the life we want.

Tita Homecare Services can assist seniors in being engaged, healthy, and connected to the people they love using modern technology. We can assure their safety and well-being and assist them in their daily chores. Learn more about our services by contacting us using our online form or calling us at 1 (818) 700-8959. 

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